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Robotic surgery allows a surgeon to plan and carry out an operation to within tenths of a millimetre. It enables extreme precision and allows excellent results to be reproduced again and again. However, a robot is only as good as the hand and brain of the surgeon that guides it. Robotic Surgery is beneficial when performing joint replacement operation that are usually obtained from Sports Injuries. A joint replacement involves replacing the worn-out cartilage with artificial implants, relieving pain and allowing greater mobility and function.

Dr Cheung is Fellowship trained expert in Joint Replacement. He is one of the few Orthopaedic surgeons in Singapore to be trained in the Makoplasty, Navio and Robodoc robotic systems. He uses Robotic Surgery for precise and reproducible implant placement. He aims to perform surgery services through mimimally invasive incisions to reduce pain, blood loss and scarring and allow a faster recovery.

Dr Cheung believes that his Adult Reconstruction training, and knowledge and experience of the Makoplasty, Navio and Robodoc systems allows him to fully utilise robotic technology for the greatest benefit of his patients. Millions of joint replacements have been performed worldwide with great success. Dr Cheung aims to perform this surgery through a small minimally invasive incision to cause the least pain possible, and uses modern enhanced recovery techniques to allow his patients to walk on the same day of surgery, and aims for them to be discharged to the comfort of their own home by the third day following surgery or earlier.


Singapore Orthopaedic Surgeon, Dr Cheung has successfully treated hundreds of patients with sports injuries and the majority have been able to make a swift return to sports. He uses an evidence-based multidisciplinary team approach favouring conservative management. He is a firm believer that prevention is better than cure, and has used his training in knee replacement surgery, hip replacement and shoulder Sports Surgery, as well as his Diploma in Sports and Exercise Medicine (Faculty of Sports Medicine, UK) to educate and treat sportsmen and sportswomen of all ages. He also teaches Advanced Sports Arthroscopy techniques (minimally invasive keyhole surgery and ligament reconstruction) to other Orthopaedic surgeons in the Asia Pacific region.

Dr Cheung played for Cambridge Rugby Club in his youth and represented his alma mater The Perse School, Cambridge in the First XV as a winger. He has trained in a variety of martial arts including Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He enjoys golf and is not impartial to off piste skiing. Like all sportsmen he has received his fair share of sports injuries and has used these experiences to guide his management and treatment of patients.

He regularly provides medical support for mixed martial art events such as ONE FC.

Dr Cheung believes that every patient is an individual who deserves a unique approach based upon their sports injuries, sporting level, personality and motivation.

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